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Tierra Prometida Winery
in Arribes DO.

Our wine


Elaborated from a vineyard located at the upper part of the Douro canyon, at 750 meters altitude, growing in very poor sandy granite soils with quartz inclusions. Crafted with local varieties, Bruñal, Juan García, Garnacha, and we also add Syrah.

The Team

Two Friend`s Dream

Antony and José Manuel, two free spirits who decided together to find their Promised Land.
Antony Terryn
French at heart though raised in Africa and always away from his homeland. He is undoubtedly a vineyard explorer.
Jose Manuel Beneitez
Forestry engineer, who in 2011 decided to return to university to pursue a Master’s degree in oenology, in La Rioja.


The winery in images

The vineyard

Our Promised Land

The objective of this project is to bring out the best of what Arribes has to offer. Its climate, somewhat milder than the plateau and its fantastic soils are highly suitable for producing high-quality, characterful wines. We aim to do this by utilizing local grapes with small contributions from grapes from other production areas, like Portugal or France… Grapes like Syrah, which we genuinely believe deserve their chance. We want to embrace tradition while still contributing and innovating.


An extraordinary grape in blending…

Juan García

Whole grapes and very gentle macerations…


It brings extreme finesse with a reasonable alcohol content…


Good ripeness without reaching high alcohol levels…

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