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Once upon a time there was a story…

Jose Manuel Beneitez

El Hato y el Garabato

Jose Manuel was a forestry engineer who, in 2011, decided to return to university to pursue a Master’s degree in oenology in La Rioja and dedicate himself to the world of wine.

He worked during one harvest at Dominio del Bendito and then, along with his family, went to Australia and California, concluding three grape harvests in a single year. After some time they decided to return to take over an old family vineyard, in a remote western town in Arribes del Duero and founded El Hato and El Garabato alongside his wife Liliana.

Antony Terryn

Dominio del Bendito

Antony Terryn is a Frenchman at heart, although raised in Africa and always far from his homeland. Undoubtedly, he is a vineyard seeker who, after working in different wineries in Burgundy, the Rhône Valley and Provence, traveled to America to continue his education and search for that vineyard to create his dream wine.

He found it in Toro, where in 2004 he founded Dominio del Bendito, which has since become a legend, after falling in love with its vines in the La Jara plot, with only bush vines and a lot of own-rooted vines, its exceptional soils, and its history… And there, several wines were born, such as El Primer Paso, Las Sabias, El Titan del Bendito, or the iconic Cuesta de las Musas.

And Tierra Prometida was born

Together they talked about Arribes, about doing something different from the purely traditional and José Manuel does this very well… And one day the opportunity arose to find the estate, not just any estate… So And so Antony was able to fealise his desire to make wines on granitic soils, which had remained with him since he spent part of his studies in the south of Burgundy. Tierra Prometida was born, a wine in which there is already a very nice base and it will surely be refined over time.