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The vineyard our Promised Land.

The vineyard

The objective of this project is to bring out the best of what Arribes has to offer

Its climate, somewhat milder than the plateau and its fantastic soils are highly suitable for producing high-quality, characterful wines. We aim to do this by utilizing local grapes with small contributions from grapes from other production areas, like Portugal or France… Grapes like Syrah, which we genuinely believe deserve their chance. We want to embrace tradition while still contributing and innovating.

However, we prioritize native or locally identified grape varieties in our blends. The case of Garnacha is complex: it existed in the region, but in very small quantities. Nevertheless, perhaps due to this fact and its historical significance in Spain, it should be considered native or at least not as foreign, which is the term locals would use.



We believe in it as a grape of great quality, from which we do not want to extract its most powerful side but just the opposite; we seek its finesse with a reasonable alcohol content. An extraordinary grape in assemblage and that is how we work with it; maybe one day we will change our mind…


We are enthusiastic about it. Antony worked in the Rhône and fell in love with this variety: it can bring extreme finesse like a Pinot Noir in good conditions and well elaborated; and this is what we are trying to do. The same idea, to look for its maximum expression but with a reasonable alcohol content.

Juan García

José Manuel is the expert in this unique variety in Arribes; the name itself is curious and for us, the key is to work it with low alcoholic content, whole grapes and very gentle maceration.


It is part of Antony’s foreign contribution; it tends to adapt well to granitic soils, as in the Northern Rhône. And the altitude we have in Arribes should allow us to produce Syrah of good maturity without reaching high alcohol content.

The area we have chosen is a heartfelt blow mixed with a deep reflexion, filled with certainties and many unknowns: it is our Promised Land. We selected a specific location, the heights of the canyon, to achieve slower and later ripening and to take advantage of some of the coolness from the plateau without receiving all its harshness in the summer.

Arribes receives more rainfall during the growing season compared to Toro, for example, and the temperatures are high but somewhat lower than in many parts of the plateau. The nights cool down considerably, much more than in the middle of the canyon or the lower parts, which resemble a ‘furnace.’

All of this leads us to believe, after two harvests, more than ever in the ability of the decomposed granitic sandy soils to produce great wines. The accumulated experience, the hard work and if the sky accompanies us, will give rise to great wines in Arribes.

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